Price list of jewelry modifications

If you need a ring resized, earrings polished, or a necklace repaired, below is the price list for jewelry adjustments. Prices always include VAT.

Ring size adjustment od 800 Kč
Rhodium plated od 500 Kč
Polishing 500 Kč
Chain repair od 500 Kč
Ring, earrings, bracelet repair od 1000 Kč
Pearl exchange od 800 Kč
Zircon packing
including top grade AAA round zircon up to 2mm
od 400 Kč
Zircon packing, non-standard cut shape
including top quality AAA zircon
od 600 Kč
Setting of diamonds to 2,5 mm od 500 Kč/ kus
Gemstone setting to 2,5 mm od 500 Kč/ kus
Gemstone setting over 3,5 mm – the faceting price corresponds to 10% of the value of the stone
New slats, including production, tightening of slats, checking the placement of the right stones 200 – 2000 Kč
Expert inspection of faceted stones 1 pc 100 Kč
Uv colour od 700 Kč
Added material 1 g

Au 585/1000
2500 Kč
Au 750/1000
4600 Kč                            Ag 925/ 1000                  300 Kč

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